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  • Approval for accelerated admission must be obtained from the student's thesis committee and the graduate admissions subcommittee by August 15 to allow entry into the PhD program in the Fall term.
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Applications from students with non-psychology degrees are evaluated to assess whether they are sufficiently prepared for graduate studies in Psychology. Sexual consent among gay men. During that meeting, you will have to establish the modalities and the research to begin.

The day will be filled with concurrent symposia sessions grouped by topic, so you can choose the presentations that interest you most. Psych — krystelle. Childhood sexual abuse and non-suicidal self-injury among homeless youth in Canada: The mediating role of anxiety.

Psych University Course Construction Sept. Expect the day to end around pm; we will have suggestions for social gatherings after the conference. Program On-site greeting and registration will open at am on May 5th.

Development and validation of a psychometric measure assessing sexual boundaries.

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H: Psychology with a minor in Family and Child Studies - Behaviours, experiences, and understanding of sexual consent: An international comparison of men of different sexual orientations. Paraphilic interests, early childhood experiences, and adjustment in emerging adulthood: Associations and risk factors for problematic sexual behaviours.

Admission to the MA Research Option requires an undergraduate degree in psychology or a closely related discipline. His commitment to an evidence-based, ethical, and practical approach remains reflected in the present-day training he provides his clients.

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Lachowsky, N. A comparison of gay and heterosexual men in Canada and the United States. The importance of gay culture and community engagement on internalized homophobia of gay and bisexual men in Canada, the United States, and Eurasia. Enrolment in 4th year of the Honours B.

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Our world-class faculty members are affiliated with a wide range of research labsgiving you unprecedented access to a critical mass of scholars who share common research interests. She earned a bachelor's degree in psychology from the University of Southampton, a Master's degree in criminology from the University of Cambridge, and a Ph. For more detailed information relating to research projects, please contact:.

Associations between paraphilic interests and early sexual experiences: The role of partners and perceptions.

Honours Thesis vs. Honours Project - Psychology In addition, applicants must also have completed specific undergraduate courses required by federal and provincial licensing bodies, including an empirically based undergraduate thesis or its equivalent. A comparison of gay and heterosexual men in Canada and the United States.

The MA in Psychology provides a collegial learning environment where you will have the opportunity to engage in major areas of psychological research, including behavioural neuroscienceclinical and health researchcognitive scienceand human development and developmental processes. Sexting, cybersex, and virtual sex: Conceptualizing and operationalizing technology-mediated sexual interactions.

Bouchard, L. Applicants whose primary language is not English must demonstrate that their knowledge of English is sufficient to pursue graduate studies in their chosen honours thesis psychology uottawa.

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It is possible for a student to complete their Honours Thesis with a professor from another University, by letter of permission. What are the differences between the Project and the Thesis? Kilimnik, C. The student must defend the thesis and demonstrate knowledge of the field in which the thesis falls in an oral examination before a committee of the department.

Honours B.

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She has conducted several studies on perceptions of alibis, eyewitnesses' memories for events, people's perceptions of eyewitness accuracy and confidence, and stereotypes of older adult witnesses, offenders, and victims.

Liam Ennis, Ph. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Note that the requirements for gaining entrance to the Thesis and Project are different.

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Zoe Hilton, Ph. Topics must be approved by a committee of the department. PhD supervisor - rtravers wlu. Journal of homosexuality, 64 1 Physics students: Prior to registration, students must provide the title of their project and obtain approval from the contact person in Physics or the Assistant Chair Academic.

The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, 25 3 You can also bring your own laptop for the presentation e. Students in this option will concurrently complete the courses indicated under Diploma in Clinical Psychology.

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Research and Clinical Training Option Residence. College-aged gay male sexual scripts; A focus group study. Journal of Homosexuality. Gain access to excellent facilities that will enable you to pursue publishable research in various fields of psychology.

It is highly suggested that you book your stay as early as possible so that you can find a hotel that can satisfy your needs.

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  • A comparison of gay and heterosexual men in Canada and the United States.
  • PhD supervisor - rtravers wlu.
  • The Thesis may be replaced by 6 optional PSY credits at the level.

Admission to the MA Research and Clinical Training Option requires an honours undergraduate degree in psychology or its equivalent. Effects of a relationship breakdown on adults 2.

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An international comparison of the effects of childhood abuse on sexual consent understanding and behaviour. There honours thesis psychology uottawa be a honours thesis psychology uottawa poster sessions, during which you can discover what your fellow students have been researching while chatting in an informal atmosphere.

Degree requirements Research Option Residence. Created for the Canadian Sex Research Forum. Symposium Chair Sexual consent: Research and educational policy. Wilson, C. You must ensure that you meet the minimum requirements: Familiarize yourself with the course description Honours Project available online under the Calendar to find out what are the minimum requirements.

Meredith Allison, Ph. Finally, she is interested in interpersonal communication and honours thesis psychology uottawa studied the use of gestures in dialogues. Sexual consent and boundary setting knowledge and behaviors of convicted sex offenders within maximum security correctional centres in Ontario, Canada.