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Well no problem, there are still a lot of fun in the world.

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Other people even think footballers are paid too much essay what they are paid would be justified if they performed better in the actual matches. But the choices are very limited. If a football team began helping society, then any person in their right mind would begin to be a fan of the club, meaning that more people would want index of series abstract the art of design buy their merchandise and try and get tickets to see their team play in the stadium, and as I'm sure that we all understand that positive advertising will increase demand, which will increase the price of the team's merchandise and tickets for matches, which will raise the clubs profits and, of course, profit is what everyone searches for especially in such a competitive market.

My solution is, the player must have a good education since their young age. Bet of Life When a kid chooses football as his career, he is betting his life on it and the gamble is extremely high risk.

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Have they think the job they would take 10 years ahead instead of thinking which pary they would attend?. Firstly, some famous footballers are paid huge amounts of money such as Ronaldo who are paid millions of euros every year.

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For those lucky souls who have good education, he could work in any job regardless of their education background. If you believe that football is a tough job then compare the lifestyle of a player to the one of a certain history teacher in the school.

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Secondly, people argue that there are other professions that provide far much more for the population that footballers do and that they are poorly paid in comparison. If we turn to the government they are using advertising, if we turn to schools they are using it too.

If you once do something stupid even if it is in unconsious manner, your career might be over.

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The option is very limited. These figures are astounding and serve to really put things into perspective — the rich get richer while the poor get poorer.

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So indirectly, all the money you spent for ticket, merchandise, and television will be the present for all nasty deeds they have done. Many people say that one goal in a ninety-minute match or a draw implies an awful quality performance. So saying all footballer are overpaid is a massive generalisation, as from the millions that see football as one of their passions, only a very select few actually get to make their dream of becoming one of the best footballers in the world a reality.

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Also, many footballers generate millions of pounds for their clubs, which pay for their wages. Yes, money is not everything. I bet everyone already where can i find a ghostwriter about how big is the footballer income and moans how it unfair is the life.

Fans worldwide, from the UK to India, buy football shirts cost and merchandise because of players.

  • When an employee of such a companies salary is compared to the amount of profit that the company earns, it starts to seem reasonable.
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  • Today, the line is completely irrelevant because there is no single match without cheating.

But in my view it is a win-win situation. Does it take 10 or 25 or 50 years? But, if somehow the footballers have their salary cut, imagine the effect on non-elite player.

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The entertainer could still get the same payment like they did 20 years ago, but the salary for coach, commentator etc. Footballers are paid too much essay dedicate their whole life to the sport, to one of the biggest industries in the world, and they deserve our respect.

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The New England Patriots quarterback named, Tom Brady is a perfect example on the amount of money one elite athlete can make in the National Football League. Even now, there are many player who barely survive with salary from football.

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